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Fun Stuff (Tips on Playing a Room)

Get your rear into gear! Right when the door shuts, get moving. This will be the fastest hour of your life, don’t waste your time making fun of your buddy for being late (we’ll do that) or taking selfies of the group (totes adorbs, but plenty of time afterwards).

Look at everything in the room! Pick things up, flip things over, look under things, etc. Try do discover every object at the beginning, it will help you to connect items together throughout the game. Please use common sense and don’t break things, use physical force, unplug things, etc.

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Forrest Fenn's Gold Escape Room Denver

Boring Stuff (All the Info You'll Need)

Forrest Fenn buried a treasure worth $2 million somewhere in the Rocky Mountains between Santa Fe and the Canadian border. He then wrote a poem about it. It has still not been found to this day. You must navigate the poem throughout the game to successfully find the treasure before nightfall. Can you be the one to finally solve the Forrest Fenn poem?
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Group Size: 2-8 Players
Time Limit: 60 Minutes
Success Rate: Approx. 20%
Private Booking: Yes, always!

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Forrest Fenn's Gold Escape Room Denver

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