The Story Behind Fenn’s Gold


Forrest Fenn hid a treasure worth approximately $2 million in the Rocky Mountains around 2009 or 2010. He then published a poem about it. The poem is untitled, and found in his memoir named The Thrill of the Chase. The poem is essentially a map to the treasure. There are said to be nine clues in the poem, but it is not clear which are the nine hints.

There is a big community of searchers out there who are determined the find the treasure. I’m Steve, the owner and creator of all the rooms. I am one of those people. While building the room, I thought I came across the solution to the poem. I was so completely sure that I went to Montana on my birthday to find it with an 8-months pregnant wife back at home. I did not find the treasure, but it was one of the most magical experiences of my entire life.

This escape room completely intertwines two worlds: the escape room world and the Forrest Fenn treasure world. It is meta in a way.

Every single clue, hint, or puzzle you solve has to do directly with the poem; or are references to common theories, quotes, and concepts of the poem in the search community. The idea behind the poem is to get people outdoors, so of course I had to build a room to mimic the outdoors. I’ve worked on it for over a year, and it is truly a work of art, both the game play of the room and the setting itself.

The entire game was built on my experience of going to find the treasure. We’ve recreated the landscape to mimic the parking lot I parked at. It is set outdoors and it is awesome.

This is a room built for experienced players, but will still be fun for beginners if you don’t mind using a lot of hints. I would recommend learning about the poem a little more before you play it, but it is still obviously fun without knowing anything about it.

In a way, the poem is a just a giant escape room puzzle. I want to teach you about it so YOU can go find the treasure and have the experience I did. As long as I don’t find it first.

– Steve from King’s Escape Room

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